Raising Taxes To Help Poor People

I grew up and lived in a country that preached and practiced communism and socialism. After 30 years of living in that environment, I don’t tolerate two things:

  1. Ignorance
  2. Socialism with communism

more taxes socialism

More Taxes To Help Poor

Recently I’ve had a conversation with a fellow FIRE blogger ZeroDaysFinance about helping poor, free medicine and how people should be taxed more in order to do these good deeds.

When people talk about taxes they go bananas, on both sides of the aisle. I am amazed at how many people lose their ability to do critical thinking due to their political beliefs. I am amazed at that, both on the right and on the left.  This conversation is the perfect example of that.

Government is not a charity.

Let me tell you something really simple and easy.

Taxation is not a charitable act

You don’t need to be left, right, black or white to figure that out. And so to accuse someone who doesn’t want to pay higher taxes as being uncharitable toward poor people is absolutely absurd.

It’s ridiculous.

A charitable act is when someone voluntarily takes money that they have owned and earned, and they give it to someone else.

Let me repeat it again, VOLUNTARILY.

If they do not do that, they don’t go to jail.

If you don’t file your tax returns, it’s a criminal act and you go to jail. Last year about 2,500 people went to jail for failing their tax returns. So, there’s nothing charitable, or loving the poor well about thinking people should be taxed more.

Government is not effective

You could be far-far on the right, or you could be Bernie Sanders, you can’t say that government is an efficient way of doing anything. Even a person with a half of the brain would agree to that.

If you want to accomplish a task, whatever task it is, you’d always accomplish the task more efficiently, more quickly, spending less money if you did anyway other than through the government. Duh…

Or you have to think that the task wouldn’t ever be done at all if the government didn’t it. That would be a reasonable way of looking at it. There are some certain tasks that wouldn’t have been done without government involvement.

More Taxes To Help Poor

Some people are going BANANAS with this idea. This idea of increasing taxes on everyone, or ANYONE is a good idea because the government is so loving and carrying about poor people is absolutely ridiculous.

socialism is bad

Government is not carrying and loving.

Government is not efficient.

Government hardy ever gets done what is supposed to do. And if it does it didn’t do it well.

OK, maybe I’m wrong and being completely out of my mind. Name just one thing when you had to deal with a government organization and had an amazing experience.  When was the last time you went to the DMV and that was WOW, or IRA, or IRS or anything?

Start with yourself

Let me help you with something, it might change your life when you start doing this. If you want to help poor people if you really want to help poor people. If you really care about children that are hungry, you really care about 52% of single moms living below the poverty level you have to understand one thing GOVERNMENT IS NOT THE WAY TO DO IT.



It starts with you, your generosity, your charitable giving. If every one of you, reading this or discussing raising taxes, or talking about how you want to help other people. If you start putting your money, your time and your deeds where your mouth is….

We would not need the government to do this.

But no, it’s a big NO-NO in our liberal society to think that way, you automatically become an evil conservative that doesn’t believe in higher taxes for everyone, you really hate poor people.  That’s the message you will get if you start arguing this whole idea of raising taxes to “help poor people”.

And let me tell you this, I don’t care if you’re rich or poor, if you are leftist or republican. I don’t care if you are black or white. I don’t care… It’s YOUR MONEY. And they shouldn’t be taken as much as they take.

Even rich people should be allowed to keep their money.


You know why? Because it ain’t yours… It’s their money. This is not socialism yet.

And poor people should be able to keep more money. It’s not yours. They need it.

Don’t disagree with anyone

I’ve been living in the States for 5 years. I came in May 2013 not speaking English, having nothing in my wallet, knowing no one in the States and having no support but God’s help and support from my lovely wife and two little kids.

I’ve seen both of the sides of the equation: I’ve seen socialism and I’ve seen capitalism. At least I have something to compare with, I have an experience. But some of you have a theory only.

You know what I’ve learned for this 5 years living in the States? Don’t you dare disagree with someone; you will be called names, you will be hated, you will be saying where you should live or more important, NOT TO LIVE.

  • I’ve been told that everything I’ve achieved it’s because I’m white. That is true, I am white, you even call me a whiteneck redneck with crappy English.
  • I’ve been told that everything I’ve had is out of luck.
  • I’ve been called names
  • I’ve been told “Get out from America, you capitalist pig”

Even during the conversation  @zerodaysfinance using passive-aggressive voice suggested that I should get out of here.

How much you’ve helped?

What I also noticed is people are craving to help other people. There are a lot of folks who want to feed starving kids, who want to help and support foster kids, single moms, veterans, you name it. And this is amazing.

There’s only one problem. 99% of these people want to help using OPM – Other People’s Money.

For those of you, who want to help others I have only one question. And what’s funny is I’ve never received the answer to that question:

How much money you’ve spent helping people in need?

How much money you’ve spent this year helping the kids from the poor families go to school?

How much money you’ve spent this year feeding homeless people?

How much money you’ve spent supporting single momes?

Unlike you I have the answer to this question, it’s in my budget…

God bless your hearts.

It seems like @ZeroDayFinance read this post, and after reading it he blocked me. I love when people show their real face.

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12 Responses to Raising Taxes To Help Poor People

  1. Lejero says:

    That is a very good post, I liked it very much.
    And you are absolutely right, people with the most self-righteous ideas about helping and caring mostly don’t walk their talk.
    At least, that is what I observe here in Germany, but this seems to be a more general human trait.

    • Hello Lejero,

      Thank you for commenting this post. I’ve heard a lot of stories from my German colleagues and most of them are not so great. I was surprised when they told me how much taxes German citizens pay.

  2. Sam says:

    The tale I didn’t like the most was “Robinhood”. I can’t understand the concept why someone has to pay for someone. Charity – yes, that’s the great thing. But again (you say the right thing, man) – “If you start putting your money, your time and your deeds where your mouth is…”. Start with yourself, give your own money or time first, don’t think that someone else has to help you and do the same but do it because you do the right thing. That’s is the charity I believe in.

    • It’s funny because when I was a small boy I LOVED the story about “Robinhood”, I thought this guy was a real hero. But when I started working and paying taxes I change my mind, I started thinking about this guy as a robber. A fancy one, but a robber.

      Thank you for stopping and commenting.

  3. Interesting perspective. You have a lot of passion. I appreciate that. I have to say, kinda related to your post, I’m kinda surprise a lot of people do not favor the new tax reform. From my brief research it seems most people will get a tax break til 2025 which I would think should be a good thing. Of course we have to wait and see but I’m more surprised people don’t want more control of their money. Seems they want government to be the answer. Perhaps this will change. I believe as you do. Give where you can (time and money) and take care of your family and neighbors. This is the best way to solve problems. Not to say government doesn’t have a role but it shouldn’t be the primary way.

    • Hello, The Scientist,

      Thank you for stopping and commenting, I appreciate that.
      I think in order to stop, think and take control of personal finance a person, at first, should realize and acknowledge that he/she is the problem of everything that has happened not the government or some rich guy. We are our problems, but at the same time, we are the solution as well.

      The government will not fix my problem, it will not fix your or someone else problems. It’s our job and responsibility to fix it.

      Thanks again for reading and commenting.

  4. yz says:

    While I do agree that US government is quite inefficient and full of loopholes, I find your point of view completely and utterly wrong.

    Have you not made use of some of those loopholes? Like, you know, IRAs, 401(k), to name a couple? Where do you think roads and parks come from? Oh, is it ok for those to exist because you and your family use them? Is food stamps program a waste of money since you don’t qualify and poor people dare to buy salmon once in a while?

    Generally, people who make such remarks, are pretty well off themselves, do not need to stress over where their rent is coming from next month, and on their path to be FIRE’d – yep, you’re in that category. Do you also think that women should not have access to contraception and abortion clinics should be illegal? I wouldn’t be surprised, my man.

    Would you have the same opinion if your household didn’t make six figures? Do you think poor people “game” the system like you do? Good for you that you consider yourself a righteous being by donating some and deducting it on you tax return. Are you gonna keep donating this year when, chances are, you won’t be able to deduct it from your taxes?

    Btw, thanks for pointing me to a better blog, http://www.zerodayfinance.com, I have been enjoying it greatly. Will be contacting that blogger, so they know who to thank for expanding their audience.

    Kisses <3

    • You’re funny 🙂
      1. IRAs, 401(k)m 457 and so on are not loopholes. Backdoor IRA is.
      2. I started my journey making nothing and working for free (for experience, then $15/hr you can read it here http://www.thefriendlyrussian.com/first-paycheck-states/ ) In 2014 our household income was about $45K But my wife and I worked our buts off
      3. If we were crying liberal tweets we would’ve complained and whine about everything. We didn’t have time for that because of p.2
      4. Of course, we are going to keep donating this year, and the next year and more. And of course, I deduct and will be deducting everything is possible. Let me help explain how deduction works. If you deduct $10K and your tax bracket is 25% you will get back $2,5K. So, you are trading $10K for $2,5K and of course, this deduction is what makes rich people even reacher

      I am glad you found a source that you enjoy.

  5. yz says:

    Oh, no! $15/hr? Poor you :'(
    Interesting, how you don’t see the advantages that made where you are today possible, you can read it here http://www.thefriendlyrussian.com/first-paycheck-states/- you’re welcome. Now, if you could just try to imagine, even for a second, that “if I could do it, why poor people can’t?” is not really a good judging metrics. Open your mind, man.

    I am glad I found that source too, and I thank you for that – at least something good came out of this, amirite 😉 #gratefultoseegoodinapileofbadlywrittenblogpost

    PS. Thank you for the compliment, I am funny, yes.


    • Now, if you could just try to imagine, even for a second, that “if I could do it, why poor people can’t?” is not really a good judging metrics. Open your mind, man.

      I ain’t judging anyone, especially poor people. I am saying that raising taxes to help poor people is a stupid idea because the government doesn’t do the job well.


      Just stop reading this blog, I will be fine if you don’t ever come again 🙂 But don’t worry, I’ll help you with this.

  6. Ztemp says:

    You sir get a gold star. Please remember (and im not sure where you live) but not every place is like that. The USA is a big place with a lot of varying personalities. Not everyone is “evil in your face politics” although it sure seems that way.

    I grew up Ohio, family from western PA, moved to Massachusetts for a job since i had to pick a coast with my niche job and this was the lesser of two evils. After having been in MA for 15 years once i graduated, i can tell you never in my life have i experienced a place that is so incredibly INTOLERANT of differing viewpoints short Silicon Valley.

    You keep being you. There is more people that think like you do than you realize they just aren’t nearly as noisy as the in your face “special snowflakes”.

    • Thank you, Ztemp for reading and commenting.
      It’s really important to know that there are people with common sense who think the same way, and have similar values.

      I live in Silicon Valley (at least for now), but we are moving to Colorado soon.

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