October 2017 Net Worth Update – $179,134.40

Disclaimer about our Net Worth
We don’t have any debt, none whatsoever. We don’t use any credit cards anymore –  cash and a debit card only. We own a car and a motorcycle, but we do not include the value of these vehicles in our Net Worth. The same is true for our kids 529s.

You know, I love this time of the year. The crazy season at my work is almost done and the new year is not far off, you can relax a little bit and think. Think about your achievement, what needs to be achieved and start thinking about your plans and goals for the coming year.

No, seriously, if you think about it, it’s already November. A couple of weeks later people in the State will eat turkey and you can’t blink an eye and it’ll be Christmass time. Times flies, it really does.

Think about this… You only get about 30,000 sunrises in your life, at least for most of the people. 23,725 are spent growing up and working… You’ve got about 6,275 sunrises left for things that count. ENJOY EVERY DAY. DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE THAT MATTERS @RussianFriendly

In October I finally jumped on my motorcycle (thanks to my wife) and took Hwy-1, one of the best scenic road I’ve seen in my life. I will write a post about this small adventure and how Google Maps screwed me.

Rocky Creek Bridge, Hwy-1

This Russian is so rude, he even photobombed an awesome Rocky Creek Bridge

Awesome views, if you ever visit California, take this road, you will not regret.

OK, back to the business and let us check the numbers.

Yay, $15,561.46 increase since the last month.

Checking Account – $2,257.38 (-$448.96): A small dip, nothing major or fancy here.

Emergency Funds  – $30,000.00: this is our 6 months worth of living Emergency Fund. We use Ally Online Bank for keeping our Emergency Fund money. And you can read here why your emergency fund is not an investment.

Savings (Other) – $7100.34 (+$100.34): We use this account for our sinking funds and other expenses that happen once or two times a year: car and motorcycle insurance, vacation fund and so on.

Mr. FR Traditional 401(k) $34,791.17 (+$2,496.85): Finally, I understood the idea of paying yourself first and we decided to maxing out our retirement accounts. It took a couple of pay cycles to adjust our spending budget but it worth every penny 😉 The more money you save, the less money you need to spend.

Mrs. FR Traditional 401(k) $14,683.16 (+$1,443.66): the same as above for Mrs. FR.

Mr. FR Roth IRA 6,044.54 (+$90.05): I love seeing my investments growing without me contributing any money. There’s something magic about it. The market is growing, so our investments.

Mrs. FR Roth IRA 5,873.20 (+$87.49): Isn’t it amazing? Just four months ago we put $5,500 into Mrs. FR  Roth IRA account and it’s been growing since. I love when money makes more money.

HSA $3217.22 (+$249.67): Our HSA has two parts in it: checking account that we use for medical expenses and investment part. We always keep $2000 in the checking account and invest the remaining.

Downpayment (VSTAX) $75,167.39 (+$11,542.36): We are saving for a house and our goal is to have enough money to buy it with no more than 25% of just one of either our salary, which is pretty conservative. We invest every month, it doesn’t matter if the market is high or low.

Liabilities ($0): Zero, Nada, Ноль. There’s nothing to say about, we don’t have car payments, we don’t carry a balance on our credit cards, we even don’t have credit cards, we pay cash. Cash is king.

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2 Responses to October 2017 Net Worth Update – $179,134.40

  1. Artem says:

    Hello Stan,
    I would like to ask (or suggest a new topic). I just started my path to the FIRE and it will be interesting not only to see the NET worth but what tools/accounts you are using currently, what have you tried and why.
    As I understood, Checking/Saving accounts are registered at Ally bank, 401 is opened by your company and you can’t control this(?) Am I right that Roth IRA is at Vangard VSTAX and downpayment is again Vangard VSTAX.
    All of this will be very helpful and will give real advice what to do.
    Thank you again for amazing content!

    • Hey Artem, I wouldn’t think that it would be interesting for someone.
      But if you ask, here you go:

      Checking – A small local bank
      Savings – Vanguard Money Market account (We’ve stopped using Alley for a couple of reasons:
      1. It takes 5-7 business day to complete a transaction
      2. We don’t like the whole idea that Ally gives an auto loan at 5-7%
      401(k)s – Yes we can’t choose an investment company, whatever our employees have we use. We split 40% Gross. 30% Agresive Gross, 30% Gross & Income
      Roth IRAs – Vanguard VTSAX
      Downpayment – VTSAX

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