You Need A Budget

Seriously, you need a budget.

Have you ever been in this situation: You just got your paycheck, your bank account has been refilled with a lot of money; life is good. But the next week, or two weeks after, you find yourself sitting at your place trying to figure out where all your money gone. Your account is almost empty and you’re trying to balance the checks and, thanks God, payday is tomorrow. Or another example which is very suitable for this time of the year. Tax season, you’re calculating your taxes and here’s the same question: ‘We’ve earned so much! Where all the money’s gone?

family budget

We were in those shoes; first year in the States we lived from paycheck to paycheck* , second year we asked ourselves exactly the same question – “We’ve earned so much! Where all the money’s gone?“. It scares and puts pressure on you, a lot!

But here is a solution for this mess and it’s called BUDGET.

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Good Debt and Bad Debt

Proverbs 22:7 (KJV)
The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.

* Before you start reading this post, I’d like to put a small disclaimer. This post is my personal opinion and philosophy about good debt and bad debt; there is a pretty good chance of you being offended by the content of this post, because almost everything you will read here will be completely opposite and different from what you’ve been taught and told.

good debt

Good Debt Bad Debt

When we came to the States we didn’t know about the difference between good debt and bad debt, we even didn’t know that good debt even a thing. Debt was a bad thing for us by default. We even didn’t have a single credit card before we came. But the first day we came, people around us started telling about importance of FICO score and credit history. ‘You need to have credit’, they said, ‘Without having a good and solid credit score you will not be able to buy a house, a car, or rent an apartment’. And the most important thing they said was, ‘Without having credit score and history you can’t use good debt for building your wealth.’
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From Russian With Love

Hello and welcome!

My name is Stanislav, but you can call me Stan, and yes, I am Russian – the friendly one. I was born in 1982 in the country which doesn’t exist anymore; I was born in USSR. I suppose you can consider me as a Russian person. But I am the friendly one, remember that?

This scary Russian smile

I always wanted to live in the Unites States of America, but I was so dumb, I didn’t do anything for this dream. I didn’t learn English*, I didn’t get the right education that would help me to get H1B visa (working visa). I didn’t do anything except I applied for Green Card Lottery. I applied and completely forgot about it.

You know, now, the more I think about it, the more I believe that God has a really strange sense of humor. My very first application got selected and I won the Green Card. I was 30 years old, I didn’t have any money, I couldn’t speak any English* and I didn’t have anyone except my wife and two beautiful kids.

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